About Us

Here at She Connects, we’re about helping fashion rockstars become fashion superstars!

We’re an online marketplace, where you can find a range of fashion brands, including newly launched labels and female designers starting their fashion journey.

She Connects is a retail brand about discovery, fun, creativity and uniqueness!

It’s a platform connecting you with great fashion pieces, and the designers behind them.

We offer a mix of classic and on-trend fashion, allowing you to create a wardrobe you love!

She Connects for Brands & Designers

She Connects is more than an online store. It’s a powerful platform where designers can build and grow their brand, while inspiring and empowering others to do the same.


She Connects is a marketplace, where brands can showcase just one piece from a collection, while introducing themself, their story and purpose.

Our model allows brands to share their uniqueness with you, to promote brand awareness and affinity so they can reach more customers.

We are about supporting small businesses & small brands worldwide!

How did She Connects begin?

Founder Sonia Gouveia started a brand of her own, designing a range of graphic tees. It was a collection dedicated to empowering women, by helping them feel the best version of themselves.

As she embarked on this journey, she noticed other designers faced the same struggles when starting out, juggling samples, branding, social media and websites.

She was keen to help designers build better brands, by leveraging her experience in both fashion and marketing.

She Connects was born. It helps designers create and grow their brands, while empowering women to feel their best through inspired, authentic fashion.

About Sonia Gouveia, She Connects’ Founder

Sonia grew up in the homes of Sydney’s most elite and successful – homes straight out of glossy magazines, with postcards from exotic holiday destinations and wardrobes brimming with beautiful clothes. She’d spend many days in these homes, owned by high profile executives, because her mum was their housekeeper.

Even though these wealthy families lived lives Sonia only dreamed of as a small child, catching a glimpse of their lifestyles and stunning wardrobes sparked a drive in her. While she observed high fashion from afar as a child, she understood the power of an outfit.

Sonia also has fond memories of her mother and grandmother meticulously transforming reams of material into her flamenco dance costumes, which were not only works of art, but provided a connection to her Spanish heritage.

Her love of fashion as a young adult allowed her to present herself with confidence, providing the boost she needed to switch careers, from finance to the creative world of marketing in her early twenties. She has now worked in senior marketing roles in the healthcare services, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in the competitive FMCG industry, building distinct and unique brands over the past 15 years.