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Are you launching a new brand?

Here at She Connects, we’re all about helping fashion rockstars become fashion superstars!

We’re an online marketplace, where customers can find a range of fashion brands, including newly launched labels and designers starting their journey.

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Interested in selling with She Connects? We are thrilled you are here and we are so excited to tell you how it all works.

Why we created She Connects

We know what it’s like to put your heart and soul into launching a new label or collection, but then crickets.

You have a great brand and collection, but your future customers don’t know how to find you.

We’re here to help you grow

She Connects is here to help you grow your brand.

How does She Connects work and how can you become a seller?

As a She Connects vendor, you’ll be able to showcase one item from your collection, per brand as part of a global online marketplace. It is our vision to build a network of brands, products and vendors from around the world to elevate your visibility, while providing our customers with a variety of incredible unique pieces they won’t find on high street.

How will we help you grow your brand?

In addition to showcasing your item for sale on She Connects, we’re big believers in the power of showing who the real people are behind brands. This encourages customers to connect with your designs, as well as your story and purpose.

Afterall, while someone may immediately love an item, understanding what has inspired it and why you started a fashion brand will create a deeper and long-lasting brand connection.

You’ll be able to include a website URL on She Connects as well as social handles to pave the pathway for future purchases. We are here to support each other and we mean it!

How can you join?

Please click here complete the following information, with your details and information about the brand you’d like to showcase on She Connects. From there we will reach out and let you know if we need any further information. As soon as you’re approved, you’re ready to go!

Easy Marketplace model

As a new She Connects seller, you will receive an instruction manual of how it all works in the vendor portal. We will be with you every step of the way making it easy to get your products onto the website.

We will manage transactions and provide you with order information. As a vendor, you are required to respond quickly and fulfill orders within 24 hours or the next business day of purchase.

All brands can then ship directly to customers, giving you complete control of your product and customer experience.

Why join the She Connects Community?

We will help you gain visibility. You’ve done the hard work, now it’s time to showcase your talents and sell your products, by connecting with a community of customers in buying mode.
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